The Big Announcements

So I have been keeping a couple secrets for more than a year now. And, no, this isn’t about the big expansion to Gloomhaven that secret will continue to be kept for a long time yet.

But with this year’s Gen Con came two announcements that I am pretty excited about. In fact, they may have been the two biggest announcements to come out of Gen Con this year, which makes me feel like a bit of a rock star (more…)

I think I might have a new favorite video game

So I was planning on spending some time today talking about PAX. If you are not aware, PAX is a more video game-centric convention that is on a scale more grand than anything in the board game world.

I went to PAX a week or so ago and had a great time. I sort of went on a whim with my wife after a fan invited me to go. The exhibit halls were overwhelming, but we eventually found our bearings and navigated ourselves to some games that suited our interests.

The most monumental moment, however, happened outside the main hall (more…)

Best everything of the year

time stories

Towards the end of the year, I typically dedicate a couple posts to talk about my favorite board games and video games of the year, but this time we’re going to do it all in one go, mainly because I already talked at length about my favorite games. So we’ll be running through that, and then we’ll move on to other things like TV shows and movies because, well, I want to.

So strap in and get ready for lots of opinions. (more…)

Can we talk about Darkest Dungeon?


I’m a big sucker for old-school turn-based RPGs. Though, judging by my latest series of posts (and – let’s be honest – the vast majority of posts on this website), that fact was already readily apparent.

And it is with that fact in mind that I will just say right up front that Darkest Dungeon hits all the right notes. It fills me with a dark, hungering glee as I watch my party descend further into madness, wondering how far I can push them before their souls break.

But let’s back up. Darkest Dungeon is a video game currently in early access on Steam. It is indeed a turn-based RPG where you perform missions exploring randomly generated dungeons with a party of four adventurers selected from a larger stable of recruits. In the dungeons, you’ll not only have to keep an eye on your party’s health, but also their stress and the light level of your torch. As you complete missions, adventurers will level up and gain quirks (both good and bad) and you’ll gain items that can be used to improve your base camp, giving your adventurers better equipment, skills and stress relief. (more…)

Is it fun?


I like to play Flash games. There are a lot of great gems out there made by people with great ideas and a bit of programming knowledge. We live in an age where people have the power to create whatever they want. And, sure, there’s a lot of amateur garbage out there, but there’s another side to that spectrum that is pure awesome fun times.

And awesome fun times is really all anyone is after. We play games to have fun – to stimulate that pleasure center in our brains, because that’s what humans do (more…)

The best video games of the year


Okay, I just want to say up-front that I’m not really qualified to declare a “best video game” of the year, but I did it last year, so, heck, let’s do it again.

The truth is that I have played exactly 2 video games that were released this year: The Legend of Grimrock 2 and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This list is stupidly small for 2 reasons: I am cheap and I don’t have any time. I also don’t own any current gen consoles, but I think that’s covered in the “cheap” category.

Wait, wait, I did play a little Smash Bros. for Wii U over Thanksgiving, but not enough to speak on it. It was fun. Now that Samus doesn’t revert to Zero Suit after a smash attack, she might actually be playable again.

But, anyway, that’s not what we’re here to talk about (more…)

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