One crazy month

Photo by my friend Joe Pilkus

I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that this last month and a half as been quite crazy. I remember about mid-March when the pandemic really started getting serious in the US, and I decided to still go to Piranha Pig Con (pictured above), and then visit my wife’s family out in Virginia.

Fortunately, those high-risk activities didn’t result in anything bad, but when we returned to Indiana, we returned to a world that just felt different. My wife and I immediately decided to go into full quarantine, both because we didn’t know whether we’d been exposed on our trip, and because we didn’t want to get exposed in the future either.

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The launch has shifted, and that’s okay

I don’t have to explain to you how chaotic this last week has been, and I’m sure you don’t need any more statistics at this point. What I’d like to do, though, is briefly explain how Cephalofair Games has been affected by recent events, and what we will be doing moving forward.

We have been lucky. Everyone who works for Cephalofair does that work from home, and so that work can continue for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been speed bumps this last week. Social distancing, school closures, and strict quarantine in some areas have made things more challenging for us.

Without beating around the bush too much more, I am announcing that we will be pushing back the launch of the Kickstarter by one week, until March 31. This will give us enough time to catch up on some things to bring forward the best possible project, and will hopefully give us the security to launch this when everyone’s lives – ours and yours – are not in such flux. I am just hoping that after another week, we can all get settled into this new normal a little more.

With all the closures happening across the world, we totally understand that people may want to be more conservative with their spending, and we will be as accommodating as possible in that regard. $1 pledges will get access to the pledge manager, and we will keep that open as late as we can to give people as much opportunity as possible.

But we are forging ahead because we think people will need something positive in these times. And we are planning on throwing one giant, month-long party. Like I said, we’ve been lucky to have not been affected as hard by this as a lot of other people, and it just felt wrong to deny people this celebration they’ve been waiting so long for just because of the possibility it would be mildly inconvenient or slightly less lucrative.

Cephalofair Games has always been about doing what is right by our customers, and we think the best thing for all of us is to give us a week to make sure everything is ready to go, and then commence with the partying.

In fact, I want to do one better than that and still launch something cool on the 24th – a new community-driven campaign. With everyone cooped up in their houses, it seemed like an ideal time to give you all more Gloomhaven scenarios to enjoy. It will be called “The Blacksmith and the Bear”, and you can find out more about it on Tuesday.

And then on the 31st, be sure to join us for the official Kickstarter launch of Frosthaven! If you need an easy reminder of the new time, you can sign up to be notified on the preview page.

What to Do with Those Resources

So last week I talked about some of the new stuff in Frosthaven and why I’m excited about it, but we still need to talk about the best part – how to use the resources you collect.

Let’s take a minute and look at the ramshackle craftsman in our starting town. On the building, it says that they can make us any item 001 through 012. But these items don’t cost gold, they cost resources. A Crude Spear costs a wood and a metal. That Crude Hide Armor is going to cost two hides to make.

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Why I’m Excited About Frosthaven

I feel like I’ve been talking about this a lot, but, ahead of the Kickstarter launch, I wanted to get into all the cool stuff in Frosthaven and why I put it in there. Hopefully this will be somewhat succinct, but we’ll see what happens.

So let’s start at the beginning, though it’s hard to remember exactly where that is. It feels like ever since I created this world, I wanted to play in it as much as possible. Gloomhaven was just the beginning, and when I thought about other dangerous, wild places, the northern coast immediately came to mind. It felt perfectly natural that we would explore there next.

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Let’s Talk about Customer Service

If I am being honest, customer service is the aspect of Cephalofair Games that I am least proud of. The reality is that board games are a physical product, and that type of product sometimes has things wrong with it. Missing and damaged pieces are an inevitability, and as the company who makes the games, it is Cephalofair’s responsibility to make things right when they are not.

Most of the time, things go well. Someone is missing a piece, they fill out our replacement form, we take that data, send it to our fulfillment centers, and a piece gets sent out. But sometimes the wait time between when the form gets filled out and when the part arrives is unsatisfactorily long, particular for requests outside the US, and this can lead to a lot of customer frustration. If you don’t have components that are necessary to play the game, you don’t want to have to wait over a month to get them.

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