What to Do with Those Resources

So last week I talked about some of the new stuff in Frosthaven and why I’m excited about it, but we still need to talk about the best part – how to use the resources you collect.

Let’s take a minute and look at the ramshackle craftsman in our starting town. On the building, it says that they can make us any item 001 through 012. But these items don’t cost gold, they cost resources. A Crude Spear costs a wood and a metal. That Crude Hide Armor is going to cost two hides to make.


Let’s Talk about Customer Service

If I am being honest, customer service is the aspect of Cephalofair Games that I am least proud of. The reality is that board games are a physical product, and that type of product sometimes has things wrong with it. Missing and damaged pieces are an inevitability, and as the company who makes the games, it is Cephalofair’s responsibility to make things right when they are not.

Most of the time, things go well. Someone is missing a piece, they fill out our replacement form, we take that data, send it to our fulfillment centers, and a piece gets sent out. But sometimes the wait time between when the form gets filled out and when the part arrives is unsatisfactorily long, particular for requests outside the US, and this can lead to a lot of customer frustration. If you don’t have components that are necessary to play the game, you don’t want to have to wait over a month to get them.


Thoughts on the New Year 2019

And so, the new year begins. Of course, the calendar is kind of arbitrary. I could reflect on what is to come in the next 365 days at any point, but when all that counting rolls over into a new number, it seems like a convenient time.

So what is to come in 2019? Hopefully a lot of things. But maybe not too many. Just the right amount of things to keep me busy and give me time to enjoy myself in the process. (more…)

My Gen Con 2017 Experience

So the big 50th anniversary of Gen Con finished up a little over a week ago, and it was, well, another unique convention-going experience to me. The closest experience I could compare it to, predictably enough, would be last year’s Gen Con. But instead of manning a booth that was being non-stop slammed because I was selling someone else’s popular game, this time the booth was non-stop slammed because of my own game.

Since I wasn’t selling anything, I made a lot less money, but at the same time, the booth led to a lot more personal satisfaction this time around, because there were throngs of people interested in my stuff (more…)

Unlock, Exit, and the allure of solving puzzles

I don’t know about you, but I love solving puzzles. Puzzles have a constant theme throughout my entire life. Most of the earliest memories I have involve literal puzzles with physical puzzle pieces. I remember one with Easter bunnies that was maybe 30 or 40 pieces. I loved that puzzle.

Anyway, as I grew up, that love spread into puzzles of all forms – anything that required logic and problem solving. My mom would buy be these “Mensa Mindbender” puzzle books and I would just spend hours going through them, solving everything front-to-back. It’s what I did for fun. I didn’t have many friends (more…)

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