IsaacIsaac Childres loves board games. He was going to be a physicist (got his PhD and everything), but then decided it would be more fun to design and publish board games for a living. He hasn’t regretted that decision yet.

Isaac is the one-man driving force behind Cephalofair Games. He started the company back in 2014 to self-publish his first game, Forge War, and has been the sole employee ever since, doing all the design, development, writing, art direction, promotion, publishing, and fulfillment for all games. He does have outside help for art, graphic design, and editing. You can read about his collaborators here.

Isaac’s “magnum opus,” Gloomhaven was Cephalofair Games’ second title, published in early 2017. He could not be happier with the reception it is receiving and is now working on his next projects, Founders of Gloomhaven and an unnamed Gloomhaven expansion.

He is generally a fan of heavier Euro board games like Terra Mystica and Agricola, though he does have a soft spot for dungeon crawlers and RPGs. You can read all about his unhealthy love of board gaming here.

Isaac lives in Lafayette, Indiana, with his wife Kristyn, his dog Millie, and his beta fish Crystal Steve.