Should a Kickstarter page tell you everything?


I am a huge fan of openness in Kickstarter projects. Rules, print-and-plays, component counts – lay everything out there so that people can make the most informed decision possible about whether they want to back the project.

Sure, you don’t need a transcript of your rules on the page itself, but a well-organized link to a rules file is essential, so that those who are interested in reading the rules can go take the time to do so while others move on to the game play videos or whatever.

Anyway, the point is that openness is something good to strive for. There’s no reason not to tell your backers everything about the game you possibly can, so when projects don’t, it comes off as a little suspicious.

Except maybe there could be a reason to not reveal everythingContinue Reading

Realistic depictions of women in fantasy

Okay, we’re in a fantasy world. Crystal dudes are throwing fireballs around. There are weird horned creatures that walk upright and hit people with giant axes. Elemental demons from another plane of existence are running amok, crushing people with boulders. So why is it important to have a realistic representation of women? Why can’t theirContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Simplicity is key

Sometimes it’s hard to see when I’m printing out hundreds of cards to put into review copies of Gloomhaven, but, ultimately, Gloomhaven is a fairly simple game. Maybe not components-wise or the work that needs to be put into it, but when it is set down in front of the player, I want it toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

2nd Annual GenCon Cephalofair Awards

I have returned from the trials and tribulations of GenCon determined to bring you the highly coveted Cephalofair Awards. This is the second annual ceremony for GenCon and the competition was…actually, it wasn’t really as fierce as last year. First of all, I had less time to spend playing games and perusing the convention hall.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

12 games at GenCon I am most excited about

GenCon! It’s an exciting time. Every year GenCon is a mad flurry of ridiculousness, and I love every minute of it. So I am super-excited to head down to Indianapolis for 5 days of revelry. Mostly to show off Gloomhaven in (almost) all its glory, but also to see what other people are showing off.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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