So it’s a new printing, not a new edition

Back when Forge War first came out and we sold through the initial printing, I started up a new printing of it and made a small mistake. I changed the SKU from CPH0101 to CPH0102.

The SKU is a series of numbers and letters written on the box, typically next to the UPC, which serves a similar function as the UPC – to distinguish it from other products. Where a UPC is usually used for electronic scanning, a SKU is easier for a human to identify. It typically starts with a three-letter representation of the company (CPH in my case), followed by a series of numbers to identify the specific product of that company read more…

Thoughts on the New Year 2018

Well, here we are. 2018. I was born in 1982, so 2018 will mark the point where I have lived half my life on this side of the millennium. I also graduated from high school and turned 18 in the year 2000, so that means I will also have effectively spent half my life as an adult.

Most of that adulthood was spent in college – roughly 15 years, which is a silly amount of time. I’ll be the first to admit that. It seems now, though, that once I was able to break free of grad school, my career as a board game publisher has taken off very rapidly. Did you know that Gloomhaven is ranked the #1 board game on BoardGameGeek now? That could be a whole post to itself, but, wow, I did not ever expect that to happen so quickly read more…

Thoughts on the Old Year 2017

My favorite games of the year, made into a weird graphic

Well, this has certainly been an interesting one. It was paradoxically a year of huge accomplishments, but also I still somehow felt like a lot of the year was uneventful.

So, first of all, Gloomhaven finally delivered to first printing backers early this year and the whole situation proceeded to get a little crazy (but in a good way). There was a massive second printing Kickstarter that raised $4 million, and that is finally starting to fulfill, which has brought Gloomhaven dangerously close to the number 1 spot in the BoardGameGeek rankings. read more…

So what’s happening with Gloomhaven in retail?

I spend so much time writing updates to my Gloomhaven Kickstarter backers, I very often neglect the (hopefully) thousands of people hoping to buy Gloomhaven once it hits retail. So today I thought I’d take some time to explain what is going on with that whole situation.

We pick up our story where we left it: with a bunch of pre-orders from distributors and a bright, optimistic future in front of us. In that future, the pre-orders were supposed to deliver to distributors somewhere around August. In the present, though, it is December and Kickstarter backers are just now getting their copies. It has been a long, frustrating year. read more…

3rd Annual Cephalofair Awards for BGG Con 2017

It’s back! I don’t think I’ve done any Cephalofair Awards since last BGG Con, but that’s because BGG Con is the only convention where I seem to get the time to play lots of new games. A lot of them came out at Essen, but as we learned last time, I only got the chance to play about two new games at Essen.

BGG Con was great, by the way. My wife came with me and we had an absolutely fabulous time playing games more-or-less non-stop all weekend. Occasionally she went up the our hotel room, which was just an elevator ride away, to take a break. The proximity of the hotel room allowed use to be independent of each other, so I could go crazy and play every possible game I could, and she could play games in more moderation.

I think, overall, it was pretty much the best convention experience I’ve had read more…