How to turn an RPG into a board game in 147 easy steps – part 7 (World-building)


Talking about world-building in terms of a board game is kind of a strange thing. It’s normally referenced in terms of novels or movies where story is paramount. World-building is all about immersion into the story. The more believable and lived-in a world feels, the more someone can get lost in the story in which the world is set. But world-building isn’t about taking the time to explain every last detail of the world, it’s more about taking the time to set up an internally consistent world so that everything inside that world just makes sense.

And so, of course, world-building is also paramount the realm of the tabletop RPG. Perhaps even more so because players have they opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the world, so all of those spaces and characters and motives should be filled in. Maybe not before hand, but if a game master has a consistent and fully realized view of the world in their head, they should be able to make up the details on the flyContinue Reading

Can we talk about Darkest Dungeon?

I’m a big sucker for old-school turn-based RPGs. Though, judging by my latest series of posts (and – let’s be honest – the vast majority of posts on this website), that fact was already readily apparent. And it is with that fact in mind that I will just say right up front that Darkest DungeonContinue ReadingContinue Reading

How to turn an RPG into a board game in 147 easy steps – part 6 (Persistent Game Progression)

Consider the generic fantasy RPG story of a world in peril and a chosen hero who rises up to fight back the darkness. The hero goes out on his adventure and teams up with other colorful characters who are equally motivated to save the world. Everyone works toward a common goal, completes that goal and thenContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Board games are meant to be played

Back in the ’90s there were these DVD subscription services where you would pay some monthly fee and get an ungodly amount of movies sent to you in the mail. You’d look through this catalog, check off any new release you had a vague interest in watching, and then it would arrive, part of yourContinue ReadingContinue Reading

How to turn an RPG into a board game in 147 easy steps – part 5 (Character Progression)

A key element to any role-playing game is player-progression. If you’re playing a game over any extended period of time, you want to feel like you’re making progress by playing it. Making progress in a story is always good, but you can easily engage the player further by also allowing them to progress in power.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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