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I’ve been struggling a while with writing reviews. I love writing them. I love being critical and dissecting what does and doesn’t work in games. It definitely helps me in my own creative endeavors to figure out why something is awesome and why something just doesn’t feel quite right.

So if I were just a reviewer, that would be the end of it. I would write reviews all day every day telling people which games I thought were terrible and which games should be enshrined in the temple of superlativeĀ game design. But I’m not just a reviewer anymoreContinue Reading

1st Annual Cephalofair Awards for GenCon 2014

Well, here we are in the post-GenCon after-glow, and I feel the need to write a post about my experiences. I could just do a day-by-day break-down like I did last year, but that seems tiresome to me. And I don’t really want to do a list because lists are dumb (says the man whoseContinue ReadingContinue Reading

10 Things I Will Definitely Be Doing At GenCon

The grand convention looms large on the horizon, and I am just way too excited about it. Without my friend Adrian, I’m not sure it can live up to last year, but we can try, can’t we? Due to my heavy schedule of demoing Forge War, I decided I needed to do a bit ofContinue ReadingContinue Reading

A Stellar Evening with Impulse

So I went to the Origins Game Fair for the first time this year and had a blast. It was mainly to demo my game Forge War, but on the last day I took some time to see what I could see and just get in some good old-fashioned gaming. I ended up sitting acrossContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Chronicles of Dunshire – Part 1

I did something a little crazy. Okay, it was a lot crazy: I recreated the Cones of Dunshire and played out an actual game with my friends. It took 8 hours and was completely ridiculous. But let’s start at the beginningContinue Reading

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