Digital Forge War Goes Beta


All right, so I’m looking at this Wikipedia page on the software release cycle, and I think I’m ready to declare that Forge War has entered the beta stage. More or less. I don’t foresee adding any new features, and the application seems stable enough for more heavy outside testing. It’s kind of hard to tell about all this terminology since this article is about large releases, and it’s just a one-man, silly Flash-based operation. But, sure, whatever, open beta! Ready to be released out into the many corners of the world wide web like a load of vampire bats (more…)

Digital Forge War


Please, if you encounter any problems running the game, let me know in the comments below. I want to give everyone the best possible experience with the software.

It’s time to have a dance party because the digital version of Forge War is totally live!

Wait, wait, don’t have a dance party – sit down and play the game! It’ll be awesome! (more…)

So close, guys!


I must say, it was a valiant effort trying to get this code up and running enough to share with you guys today. I fell a little bit short, but it’s all totally good.

I am so much more productive when I can work with a deadline, even if it is ultimately an arbitrary one. And even though I didn’t quite make Oct. 1, these last 5 or 6 days have been filled to the brim with coding. Like, every spare ounce of time I had went into it, outside of some time with my hot wife and an hour to watch Breaking Bad (okay, there was some Alphas and Louie on Netflix in there somewhere a little bit…my mind needs to occasionally unwind).

So, anyway, I am tired, so this will be the shortest post ever. I will just say that I am very confident that I will have the updated rule book, the digital version and a tutorial on how to play the digital version all up online on Thursday…maybe Friday at the latest, but I’m confident with Thursday. Off to sleep!

The State of Forge War – Part 4


All right, let’s finish this business up, shall we? All this disparate stuff I’ve been talking about – how does it all come together?

Well, the rest of September I’m going to be focused on getting a functional digital version of Forge War up on the site. It might be buggy, but that is the goal and I think it is achievable. Oct. 1 this monster is coming home to roost (it’s good when I can work with solid deadlines). That means come October you should be able to play the game on this site, given that you have an internet connection and maybe a friend who also has a computer and an internet connection (more…)

The State of Forge War – Part 2


And now, I would like to direct your attention to me doing something incredibly ridiculous. Yes, yes, the online Flash version of Forge War might be old news to some people, but the more heavily I get into this whole board game publishing business, I feel more and more overwhelmed at how much stuff needs to get done in terms of marketing and planning and whatnot, and when I pile on the development of an electronic game to that, well, sometimes it feels like I am trying to do the job of at least 3 people.

Seriously, it’s just me here, talking to manufacturers, establishing an online presence, play-testing and tweaking the game, communicating with artists and designers – and writing thousands and thousands of lines of code (more…)

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