Best everything of the year

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Towards the end of the year, I typically dedicate a couple posts to talk about my favorite board games and video games of the year, but this time we’re going to do it all in one go, mainly because I already talked at length about my favorite games. So we’ll be running through that, and then we’ll move on to other things like TV shows and movies because, well, I want to.

So strap in and get ready for lots of opinions. (more…)

My 2016 Christmas wish list


The Christmas season is upon us once again and so I find myself with the annual conundrum of what to request as a gift. I have talked before about my reticence to acquire new games, but, what the heck – I did it last year, so once again I will compile a list of the 3 games I most want to own. (more…)

1st Annual Cephalofair Awards for BGG Con

Cephalofair Awards

A funny thing happened at Gen Con a year and a half ago. I was at the Secret Cabal meetup and gave away a Kickstarter copy of Forge War for their raffle. It went to this guy Brendon Hall, who I ended up talking to and hanging out with the rest of the night.

It was funny because Brendon working on a browser-based platform for playing board games online and I was looking for a way to make my next game available to play online that didn’t involve me coding for hundreds and hundreds of hours. We communicated often, and a year later. he graciously gave me use of his site for the Gloomhaven Kickstarter.

What I remember most about talking to him that night at GenCon, though, was him and his friend Byron constantly insisting that I needed to go to BGG Con. Apparently it was the best convention ever (more…)

And now we must say goodbye to some games

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I used to say that I don’t have a very large game collection because I live in a pretty small apartment, but I’m not so sure that’s a very accurate reason, especially since becoming a game publisher who works from home. I’ve got about 20 copies of the first printing of Forge War boxed up in my office, after all. If those weren’t there, surely some extra bookshelf could be placed in their location to house a larger number of games.

And maybe it is because I lack a good storage solution, but that seems like a pretty easy thing to solve if I had an inclination to do so.

I think the basic fact of the matter is that I don’t want to own a lot of games (more…)

12 games at GenCon I am most excited about


It’s an exciting time. Every year GenCon is a mad flurry of ridiculousness, and I love every minute of it. So I am super-excited to head down to Indianapolis for 5 days of revelry. Mostly to show off Gloomhaven in (almost) all its glory, but also to see what other people are showing off.

I have compiled a list of the games I will be trying to check out while madly dashing between demos and meetings. Last year I relegated Thursday and Sunday to perusing the exhibition hall, and that wasn’t quite enough time. This year my schedule is more chaotic, but overall I’m spending less time running scheduled events, so maybe that will mean more time in the exhibition hall? We will see! (more…)

Alchemical Deduction


I think it took me 2 games to wrap my head around Alchemists, but now that I think I’ve got some basic strategies down, I can say I’ve developed a deep respect for it.

I’m really not a big fan of deduction games, so I can’t really say I enjoy the game all that immensely, but I respect it. It is quite a brilliant little system (more…)