Do you hate randomness in games?

Remember that feeling in Risk where your ridiculously strong army should totally win against your opponent’s force and then he just keeps rolling sixes? Or when you clearly have the best starting position in Catan and then 9s don’t get rolled the entire game? Man, that is just the worst.

I much prefer to win or lose games based on my own merit, not the whims of lady luck. Then, when you win, you have something to feel proud about. And when you lose, you can pinpoint the decisions you made that led to that loss and learn from the experience.

My name is Isaac, and I am on a quest to make more super-amazing games that minimize randomness and reward player savvy.

My big claims to fame so far are: Forge War, an epic, economic Euro-style game about turning mined resources into weapons used to kill big, bad fantasy monsters; and Gloomhaven, a massive Legacy-style dungeon-crawler with combat that features actual meaningful decisions and no dice (WHAT).

There are many more exciting things on the horizon: expansions and elegant new designs. They’ll be worth the wait!


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