Hey there! I just wanted to throw out a quick post to let everyone know that after many, many hours of coding, a new version of Digital Forge War is up and running. It is super-sweet with all-new graphics and mechanics that reflect the final version of the game. I am pretty excited about it.

Also! I just finished shooting and upload two tutorial videos. One is a video of a physical review copy of the game that goes over all the mechanics in detail. The other is a game play video of the first few turns of a 2-player game shot using the digital version, so also provides a good tutorial of how to use that UI. I’ve also just uploaded the latest draft of the rule book if you’re into reading things.

I think that’s about it! We’re gearing up for a Kickstarter next month, and it’s gonna be great. Please check out the game and let me know what you think.

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