3rd Annual Cephalofair Awards for BGG Con 2017

It’s back! I don’t think I’ve done any Cephalofair Awards since last BGG Con, but that’s because BGG Con is the only convention where I seem to get the time to play lots of new games. A lot of them came out at Essen, but as we learned last time, I only got the chance to play about two new games at Essen.

BGG Con was great, by the way. My wife came with me and we had an absolutely fabulous time playing games more-or-less non-stop all weekend. Occasionally she went up the our hotel room, which was just an elevator ride away, to take a break. The proximity of the hotel room allowed use to be independent of each other, so I could go crazy and play every possible game I could, and she could play games in more moderation.

I think, overall, it was pretty much the best convention experience I’ve had read more…

My Essen Spiel 2017 Experience

So what happens when you take my last two Gen Con trips – one where I had a massive amount of games to sell to excited fans, and the other where I was a legitimate board game celebrity – roll them up together and then combine them with my previous Essen experience where I am overwhelmed and lost in a foreign land?

You get me absolutely losing my mind, pinballing from one disaster to the next, but yet somehow still having a good time and selling a lot of games in the process. Once again, I come back from Germany with very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I may have experienced some psychotic break around Saturday evening, but, looking back on it now, most of what I remember is the pleasant stuff read more…

I think I might have a new favorite video game

So I was planning on spending some time today talking about PAX. If you are not aware, PAX is a more video game-centric convention that is on a scale more grand than anything in the board game world.

I went to PAX a week or so ago and had a great time. I sort of went on a whim with my wife after a fan invited me to go. The exhibit halls were overwhelming, but we eventually found our bearings and navigated ourselves to some games that suited our interests.

The most monumental moment, however, happened outside the main hall read more…

My Gen Con 2017 Experience

So the big 50th anniversary of Gen Con finished up a little over a week ago, and it was, well, another unique convention-going experience to me. The closest experience I could compare it to, predictably enough, would be last year’s Gen Con. But instead of manning a booth that was being non-stop slammed because I was selling someone else’s popular game, this time the booth was non-stop slammed because of my own game.

Since I wasn’t selling anything, I made a lot less money, but at the same time, the booth led to a lot more personal satisfaction this time around, because there were throngs of people interested in my stuff read more…

Unlock, Exit, and the allure of solving puzzles

I don’t know about you, but I love solving puzzles. Puzzles have a constant theme throughout my entire life. Most of the earliest memories I have involve literal puzzles with physical puzzle pieces. I remember one with Easter bunnies that was maybe 30 or 40 pieces. I loved that puzzle.

Anyway, as I grew up, that love spread into puzzles of all forms – anything that required logic and problem solving. My mom would buy be these “Mensa Mindbender” puzzle books and I would just spend hours going through them, solving everything front-to-back. It’s what I did for fun. I didn’t have many friends read more…