So what’s going on with Founders of Gloomhaven?

While the wheels turn on the Gloomhaven reprint, it is comforting to know that there are many people still curious about Founders of Gloomhaven and when it will be up on Kickstarter. As you may know, I was planning on throwing it into the Gloomhaven reprint Kickstarter (or rather, throwing the Gloomhaven reprint into the Founders Kickstarter), but I didn’t feel like it was ready, and the last thing I wanted to do is rush another Kickstarter project (the first Gloomhaven Kickstarter felt a little rushed to me). So I decided to separate the two and move ahead with just the reprint Kickstarter. That ended up doing ridiculously¬†well, but it left open the question of, with the great success of Gloomhaven, when would the next game be seeing the light of day? read more…

Thoughts on the New Year 2017


2017 is where it is at, folks! Big things are coming, and I’m excited!

The big, big thing is obviously the upcoming release of Gloomhaven in a month or so. It’s already in the hands of a few reviewers, and it’s hard not to get swept up in their enthusiasm, as well. The bottom line, though, is that it is just hard to predict exactly what’s going to happen once the game arrives. The next two months are like this heavy fog that is obscuring anything beyond that, making it difficult to talk about the rest of the year read more…

Thoughts on the Old Year 2016


Man, 2016 really was the worst, wasn’t it? It was so much the worst, that it’s become something of a cliche to even talk about how abysmally terrible the year has been. And that was even before Carrie Fisher died.

Ugh. I’ll be happy when this year is over. So many iconic deaths. So much bile and hatred rolled up into a presidential campaign that, well, that ended in a way that made me genuinely sad for the future.

In some ways I’m almost glad that Gloomhaven got delayed until next year read more…