Josh McDowell started playing board games after his wife encouraged him to find an inexpensive hobby. The joke is on her, as that encouragement turned into an expansive collection and regular schedule of playing games with his friends. He turned to his graphic design prowess to offset the costs and is now completely engrossed in all things board games. He lives in Indiana with his wife and three young children, gamers in the making. You can find his portfolio at

Alexandr lives in Ukraine, Odessa and works as a freelancer and specializes in several styles: sci-fi, cyberpunk and fantasy. He’s looking for hard-core projects in the styles that he likes. Most of all he is proud of his artwork for cards in board games. He dreams to release his comics and develop the indie game with a small group of people In the future. You can see his portfolio at

Cephalofair Games is also grateful for the sculpting work of James van Shaik, who created all the wonderful miniatures for Gloomhaven.

Gloomhaven would also be nowhere without the editing skills of Mathew G. Somers, Marcel Cwertetschka, and Jim Spivey.