My Essen Spiel 2017 Experience

So what happens when you take my last two Gen Con trips – one where I had a massive amount of games to sell to excited fans, and the other where I was a legitimate board game celebrity – roll them up together and then combine them with my previous Essen experience where I am overwhelmed and lost in a foreign land?

You get me absolutely losing my mind, pinballing from one disaster to the next, but yet somehow still having a good time and selling a lot of games in the process. Once again, I come back from Germany with very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I may have experienced some psychotic break around Saturday evening, but, looking back on it now, most of what I remember is the pleasant stuff (more…)

My 2016 Christmas List


Ah, what is Christmas if not a time for traditions? This seasonĀ gives me the chance to ruminate on the games published in the last year or so and decide on which I would like to own. By now, I’ve iterated many times how I don’t buy board games.

The newest board game in my collection, I believe, is Arkwright, which I traded Capstone Games for at Gen Con with a copy of Forge War (more…)

2nd Annual Cephalofair Awards for BGG Con 2016

Cephalofair Awards

And the Cephalofair Awards are finally back from a hiatus! After going to a number of conventions to work and not really play games, I was finally able to attend a great and glorious convention where most of my time was spent enjoying people’s company and beating them at Euro games. I did end up running six Gloomhaven demos, each lasting about two or two and a half hours, but the rest of it, from Wednesday morning to Sunday afternoon, was me time. (more…)

2nd Annual Cephalofair Awards for Origins 2016

Cephalofair Awards

As always, I bring you my coverage of the Origins Game Fair, an intense gaming event that ran from Wednesday to Sunday last week. And, as always, my coverage will be largely superfluous ramblings. I didn’t play any of the new releases or do anything important. I just had fun with friends and played lots of great games.

So with that said, let’s get on to the awards! (more…)