An Original Convention Experience

So normally after I get back from Origins, or any major convention, I compile some silly list of awards as an easy, controlled way to talk about my experiences at the convention – mainly my experiences playing various board games. As time goes on though, despite my best efforts, less and less of my time is dedicated to playing games at conventions.

Is this regrettable? In a way, sure (more…)

2nd Annual GenCon Cephalofair Awards

Cephalofair Awards

I have returned from the trials and tribulations of GenCon determined to bring you the highly coveted Cephalofair Awards. This is the second annual ceremony for GenCon and the competition was…actually, it wasn’t really as fierce as last year. First of all, I had less time to spend playing games and perusing the convention hall. Also I think pretty much everyone can agree that the crop of new games (i.e. not expansions or re-releases) was pretty underwhelming this year.

Still, the show must go on, so I’ll do my best to now distribute some awards in the most arbitrary way possible (more…)